The Vineyards

Our wineries are equipped with the best French and Italian wine making technology.

Wine aging is done in oak casks and barrels placed in both wineries'cellars.

An agriculturist supervises the vineyard state in regards to health, fertilization, pruning, maintenance and optimal harvest time.

Modern laboratories ensure permanent analytic control. 

Qualified staff and appropriate equipment make the perfect match that culminates in the quality of our wines. 

In years of normal harvest, there is no idle capacity in both wineries.


Forever Young Rosé Wine

The Côtes de Provence AOP is the largest appellation in Provence, with boundaries reaching from the alpine hills in the north to Saint Tropez on the southern coast, and extending west to Aix-en-Provence. It encompasses several wine growing areas, each with geographical features that give the wines distinct personalities.


This AOP accounts for 72.6% of all wine produced in Provence, with 89.5% of production being rosé. As the best-known appellation in Provence, Côtes de Provence is known internationally as the source of the world's greatest rosé wines.


Côtes de Provence rosés are typified by a bright pale pink color. Well balanced, smooth, and pleasantly zesty, it is best served chilled, at 45°F to 55°F.